About Us

We have various lines of Wampum. Costume 000 Series. Sterling Silver 1000 Series. Natural 3000 Series. Gold 4000 Series. Beads and Cabs 5000 Series. LAF Designs 6000 Series.

Wampum, made from the purple and white shell of the quahaug (quahog) clam, has played a significant role in American Indian culture for thousands of years, traditionally used as adornment, to display rites of passage, and woven into belts to record oral traditions. Since the early history of the American colonies, strings of wampum shell beads have also been used as a medium of exchange and became America’s first currency.

Today, wampum is still made from the quahaug shell, found along the American and Canadian eastern seaboard. Our shells are environmentally correct by-products of clam processing operations in the USA. Ideal shells, thick with dark purple edges, are becoming scarce and valuable. The beads and cabs are difficult to make. In order to bring WAMPUM to the market, we manufacture some parts of this product overseas to keep it affordable. Our jewelry is made with care to insure its quality. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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